Psychological assessment refers to a formal process of measuring emotions, thoughts, beliefs and abilities. The goal is to gain a deeper more complete understanding of the individual. The results provide information regarding how the individual functions currently and can predict future behavior and functioning as well. A typical psychological assessment includes an interview with a psychologist and the administration of one or more formal psychological tests.

Psychological assessments are recommended for several reasons. Some of these purposes include pinpointing a diagnosis, assessing particular areas of functioning or disability, helping to select most effective treatment options and predicting response to certain medical treatments.

Educational and Achievement Evaluations

These evaluations play an important role in the diagnosis of learning disabilities and educational planning. These evaluations provide a detailed description of the individual's strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for educational accommodations and strategies. This service is available for students of all ages.

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“We are concerned that our daughter may have a learning problem.  She’s struggling to keep up, despite her long hours of studying and hard work.”

"My son had been doing alright in school until middle school and now his grades are dropping...I don't know if it is all the homework, the crazy schedules or the new group of kids he is hanging out with."  

"My teenager is so bright but just can't seem to do well at school. We've tried everything - I feel like there must be something we're missing."

"My son's teachers say he needs special education services. I'm confused as to what the best thing is to do for him right now."

Personality Evaluations

Personality Evaluations are conducted to ascertain an individual's current level of emotional functioning as well as to understand their general personality/emotional structure and coping strategies.

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"I wonder why I am having such a difficult time maintaining friendships and intimate relationships?"

Neuropsychological Evaluations

These involve a comprehensive analysis of an individual's cognitive and behavioral functioning. Areas that are examined include attention and concentration, learning, memory, problem solving and conceptualization, language, and spatial abilities. Individuals who benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation include those suffering from concussion or traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, memory disorders or other neuropsychiatric disorders.

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"Ever since my husband's head injury, he just hasn't been the same. How did his injury impact his memory, personality, and cognitive functioning?"

"I'm very distracted...I walk into a room to do something and realize I've forgotten what it is. This is happening to me more and more often."

"Since my accident, I find that I can't think straight when I am sounded by noise, lights or a lot of people. Malls and supermarkets are terrible!"

"My family and friends are telling me that I keep repeating myself and that I do not remember things they have told me. I am starting to worry that I have a memory problem."

"Ever since my head injury I can't focus on my daily activities. I become so fatigued and dizzy in busy places. I don't know how I am going to be able to get back to myself."

Presurgical Psychological Screenings

These are recommended for individuals under consideration for certain invasive medical procedures. These assessments are used to help physicians determine which treatments are most likely to be successful based on a number of factors including an individual's psychological status, coping strategies, personality characteristics, and environment.

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"My surgeon said it will be important for me to have an evaluation by a psychologist before I have a spinal cord stimulator implanted."

"I understand some people do better with these procedures than others. I wish there was a way to predict how I would do."